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Welcome to Cashflow Relay!

A place to set up and trade Commitments to Future Cashflows (C2FC), a new financial primitive and a DeFi equivalent of cashflow financing.

C2FC bridges traditional finance and Web3 by providing DeFi and Web3 entrepreneurs with capital to grow.

Accelerate growth without giving up equity if you are an company or unlock new ways of funding your future if you are an independent.

  • No equity, no fundraising, no dilution
  • No warrants, no covenants, no bullshit
  • Quick way to improve cashflow – get funds in faster
  • Pay back as you grow
  • Simple
  • Acquire more customers

Use this dApp made by the Akropolis team to manage C2FC creation, trading and collateralization.

Built with MakerDAO + 0x + MetaMask

CashflowRelay Tutorial Video

What is C2FC


The C2FC is a digital token, which acts as automatically executed right to claim a defined part of the future cashflow that arrives at issuer Ethereum address within a given time frame.

C2FC is materially different to the current implementations of ERC948 (EIP 1337) and EIP1620. The improvement is in the following features:

  • Direct debit initialisation by the sender
  • Ability to realize escrow logic for payments receiver
  • Ability to transfer ownership to receive recurring payments: transferred to another person
  • Tokens are composable and can be grouped into a portfolio according to pre-defined characteristics
  • Integration with etoro recensioni – finaria.it, an all inclusive trading platform filled with innovative tools that are convenient to use for both expert traders and novices.

What are the benefits

C2FC issuance allows to present future cashflows of any business or individual in as a single token, that can be easily exchanged, traded or used as collateral, thus materially simplifying workflows and opening up a potential for new DeFi instruments and interactions. Its also be traded using automated robots. Visit https://coincierge.de/trading-apps/ for detailed information and proper guidance.

You can attract additional liquidity without using a 150% ensuring in digital assets by trading C2FC.

How does it work

An already operating business or an individual who has regular income payments, that needs additional liquidity at the moment can issue C2FC for defined future periods and trade them at marketplace. It looks like exchanging future cashflows for “money now” by selling discounted C2FC or borrowing funds, using C2FC as collateral.

Are there any risks involved in issuing or trading C2FCs?

C2FC issuance itself does not provide any risks until it is involved in the open market. When it is exchanged to other unit of value and changed ownership, there is a risk that future cashflow would be lower than estimated or there would no money arrived at all. This issue primarily is connected with the correct risk assessment of the C2FC issuer.

Considering the transparency of the C2FC itself and related indicators, the risk assessment would be no harder and in some cases can even be more reliable than in centralized finance.

Use cases

  • 0x relayer or any node holder attracts additional capital to fund growth
  • Spankchain operator forward-funds her coding bootcamp
  • Gitcoin. developers forward-fund their expenses
  • Decentraland land owner receives funding against a leased asset
  • Digital entrepreneurs forward-fund ad spend and attract customers

What I do need to get started?

Select testnet or mainnet below and connect the Metamask wallet to the portal.

The hackathon version uses DAI for payments and trading

Step 1: Connect the Metamask wallet to the C2FC portal.

Step 2: Sign the encrypted message to prove ownership of your address.

Step 3: Select options you want and get ready to own the first C2FC, linked personally to you. Now you can trade it on 0x.

TestNetApp (Kovan)

Mainnet App